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Take Storytime to the Next Level!

Create, narrate, record, and share your own stories with MagicPolygon


Storytelling for the 21st Century

  • Follow along with these vibrant stories featuring sweet illustrated characters with animation.

  • Tell a story by making up your own plot in any language or reading the provided optional text.

  • Record your voice telling the story, playback your recording, and share your story with others.

  •  Livestream your story so multiple kids in different remote locations can follow along—live!—at the same time.

  • Or create your own tale from scratch by uploading your own images and making up a story.

Kids will love this high-tech storytime and you’ll love that they’re building skills crucial for success:

  • Expanding vocabulary.

  • Identifying emotions and feelings.

  • Learning about cause and effect.

  • Practicing reading aloud.

  • Using imagination.

  • Improving listening skills. 

  • Sharpening memory.


Access the engaging storytime experience

  • A library of stories

  • A new story every month

  • Invite your loved ones to tell stories to your kids

  • Listen to stories from your storytellers in real time and on demand

  • Create and record your own stories


Teachers and Students love our app

Group access for schools

  • A library of stories

  • A new story every month

  • Teachers record and share stories with class students and parents

  • Parents share kids stories with the teachers for private reviews

  • Great for independent or small group storytelling, and full-class engagement.



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