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What is MagicPolygon?

MagicPolygon is a storytelling application that allows the user to create, narrate, record, and share your stories with your children and students. Children all over the world are able to connect to their own cultures with the option to listen to classic and modern stories in their own language, as told by remote family members and friends. Our high-tech storytime app also helps children enhance their creative skills in a school environment and use their imagination with features that allow the user to create their own stories. 


How do I get started?

Download the app from the AppStore, register, and then create an account. If you'd like to become a member, your first month is absolutely free. You can add each child in your household to your account and storytellers for an individual subscription. A class-based subscription is available for schools, where the class size can be a maximum of 40 students.


Is the app free?

MagicPolygon is a subscription-based app with annual and monthly payment options. We offer a 2-week trial.

How to record a story?

From, Create Story ➡️Record story (for the story you want to record)➡️Record

Press the “>” button to show the next picture.

Once done, press 'Stop Recording'

If you have recorded for all the pictures in the story, then the recording will be available in  ‘My Stories’  ➡️ ‘Recorded’

If you have recorded only partially(only a few pictures), then the recording will be available in  ‘My Stories’ ➡️‘Drafts’

You can also check the recording by pressing the play button on the Recording screen as well after the 'Stop Recording'.

What if I don't have time to record an entire story at once?

It's ok. You can start to record your story, save it in ‘My Stories’ ➡️‘Drafts’, do what you need to do, and then come back to record it later.


What is the "Record Own Story" feature?

This feature is available for both individual and school subscriptions. Children, parents, and teachers all have the option to upload their own images from an iPad or iPhone in order to create a story book, record and customize them with one of the storyteller's voices. An additional feature lets you add a description for each picture in any of the languages Apple supports.


How frequently does MagicPolygon upload new picture storybooks?

We upload new stories once a month.


How do the storytellers/teachers share a story with children? 

If you choose to record your own voice to a storybook and would like to tell that story, go to My Stories ➡️Recorded ➡️Press which story recording you'd like to share ➡️Publish.

Once published, the parents and the kids can view the published recording in the Library.


How do the storytellers/teachers tell a live story? 

Go to Create Story ➡️Pick a story ➡️Schedule live  ➡️Choose date and time and schedule one. 

If a teacher schedules a story, all the students in the class and the parents will be notified via email about the scheduled story. If a storyteller schedules a story, all the parents who had trusted the storytellers via invite and the kids of the parents will be notified via email. 


For telling a live story at the scheduled time, teachers can use any of the following.

Library ➡️Live Stories ➡️Choose the scheduled story ➡️Tell a live story 


My Stories ➡️Scheduled ➡️Choose the scheduled story ➡️Tell a live story ➡️Start


For telling the live story at the scheduled time, storytellers can use the below steps.


My Stories ➡️Scheduled ➡️Choose the scheduled story ➡️Tell a live story ➡️Start


How do you listen to the live story? 

After the story is scheduled by the storyteller or teacher, You can see it under  Library->Live Stories.

Once the live stream is started by the teller, Library ➡️Live Stories ➡️Select the story ➡️Listen

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