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Reading Comprehension: How Reading to a Child Can Boost Their Understanding and Love of Reading

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Reading comprehension is a critical skill that children need to develop in order to become successful and curious learners. It involves the ability to understand and interpret written text, and it plays a crucial role in academic achievement. One effective way to help children develop strong reading comprehension skills is by reading to them with the MagicPolygon App. In this blog, we'll explore how reading to a child with the MagicPolygon App can boost their understanding and love of reading.

Vocabulary Development: Reading to a child exposes them to a wide range of vocabulary, which can help them develop their language skills. When children encounter new words in a story within the MagicPolygon App, they can learn their meanings through context, which can improve their understanding of the text.

Improved Focus: When children are read to, they must focus their attention in order to follow the story, especially with the MagicPolygon App’s interactive moments throughout each story. This can help improve their overall concentration and ability to focus on other tasks as well.

Exposure to Complex Texts: When children are read to, they are often exposed to more complex texts than they might read on their own. Don’t worry, though, using the MagicPolygon App, you can record yourself reading through complex texts and moments in a story. This exposure can help them develop the skills needed to understand and interpret more challenging texts later on.

Improved Comprehension Strategies: When children are read to, they can learn new comprehension strategies, such as making predictions and asking questions about the text. The MagicPolygon App even allows you to pause a story These strategies can help them better understand and interpret the text.

Increased Love of Reading: Reading to a child can also help foster a love of reading. And what could be better than a child falling in love with stories through an app like MagicPolygon! When children are read to regularly, they are more likely to view reading as an enjoyable and rewarding activity rather than a chore.

Modeling Good Reading Habits: When adults read to children, they model good reading habits and show children the importance of reading for pleasure. With the MagicPolygon App parents can record themselves reading to their child, or sit with their child to read in the moment. This can help children see reading as a valuable and enjoyable activity.

Shared Reading Experience: Finally, reading to a child can create a shared reading experience that can be enjoyed by both the child and the adult. The MagicPolygon App’s interactive and custom features increase the enjoyment of this experience tenfold. This shared experience can help strengthen the bond between the reader and the child and create positive associations with reading.

In conclusion, reading to a child with the MagicPolygon App is a powerful way to boost their understanding and love of reading. It can help develop vocabulary, improve focus, expose children to complex texts, teach new comprehension strategies, foster a love of reading, model good reading habits, create shared experiences, and ultimately, help children become successful learners. So, if you want to help your child become a strong reader, consider making reading to them a regular part of your daily routine. The benefits will be long-lasting and far-reaching.

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