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The Familial Bonds Of Storytime

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

For many families, grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. They provide love, support, and guidance and often share stories and experiences from their own lives. One way that grandparents can deepen their bond with their grandkids is by reading to them. But, as families have dispersed from the traditional multi-generation household over the last five decades, grandparents have a harder time reading to their grandkids. The MagicPolygon App actually spawned as a solution to this problem! In this blog, we'll explore why grandparents reading to grandkids through the MagicPolygon App strengthens interfamily relationships and the many benefits of this sacred activity.

Creating Shared Experiences: Reading together is a wonderful way for grandparents and grandkids to spend time together and create shared experiences. That’s why the MagicPolygon App utilizes interactive features within every story. These shared experiences help build connections between generations and can foster a sense of family history and tradition.

Nurturing Emotional Bonds: Storytime with grandparents can also help to nurture emotional bonds between grandparents and grandkids. When grandparents read to their grandkids, they show them love and attention, which helps to create a deep emotional bond. And with the MagicPolygon App, grandparents can create that bond in real time, or record a story for their grandchildren to watch later.

Building Trust: Reading to grandkids is also an opportunity for grandparents to build trust with their grandkids. Imagine grandkids getting to hear their grandparent's voices every day through the MagicPolygon App! Grandkids will feel secure and confident in their grandparent's presence and will know that their grandparent is there for them.

Encouraging Communication: Reading to grandkids is a wonderful way to encourage communication between generations. It can be a great opportunity for grandkids to ask questions and for grandparents to share their wisdom and experiences.

Learning and Development: Reading to grandkids also has numerous benefits for their learning and development. The MagicPolygon App only uses stories that will teach valuable lessons and skills, appropriate for each age. Grandkids can learn new words and concepts and develop their cognitive skills, while also gaining a love for reading and storytelling.

Passing Down Values: Reading to grandkids can also be a way for grandparents to pass down important values and life lessons. Many children's books have messages that can help grandkids understand the importance of kindness, courage, and other values. And the MagicPolygon App’s custom features allow grandparents in different cultures to create stories that echo the values of their own culture and beliefs.

Creating Lasting Memories: Finally, reading to grandkids can help create lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come. Grandkids will remember the stories they read with their grandparents on the MagicPolygon App and the love and support that was shown to them during these special moments.

In conclusion, reading to grandkids is a wonderful way for grandparents to strengthen interfamily relationships. The MagicPolygon App makes it that much sweeter, special, and easy to do when grandparents don’t live in the same area as their grandkids. It creates shared experiences, nurtures emotional bonds, builds trust, encourages communication, supports learning and development, passes down important values, and creates lasting memories. So, if you're a grandparent, consider picking downloading the MagicPolygon App and using it to share stories with your grandkids. The power of storytime can help to bring your family closer together and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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