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This App Will Boost Your Child's IQ

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

As a parent or caregiver, you want to give your child every advantage in life. One easy and enjoyable way to do so is through the simple act of reading stories to them. Research has shown that reading to children can have a significant impact on their intelligence and cognitive development, leading to increased IQ scores later in life. This is one of the many reasons we are revitalizing the art of storytelling with the Magicpolygon app. By connecting families to their children with stories, we can ensure a child’s intellect is grown from an early age. But the benefit to using the Magicpolygon app isn’t increasing general intelligence or IQ. Take a look at the specific benefits to reading to your children.

The Benefits of Reading to Children

Vocabulary Expansion: Reading books expose children to a wider range of vocabulary than they might otherwise encounter in their daily lives. This exposure can help build their language skills and improve their ability to understand and use new words.

Improved Comprehension: Reading books to children can also help improve their comprehension skills. By listening to stories and following along with the plot, children can develop their ability to understand and retain information.

Increased Focus and Attention Span: When children are engaged in a story, they must concentrate and focus their attention in order to follow along. This can help improve their overall attention span and ability to concentrate on other tasks as well.

Improved Memory: Reading to children can also help improve their memory skills. By hearing stories repeatedly and being encouraged to recall details from the plot, children can develop their ability to remember and recall information.

Enhanced Imagination: Reading books to children can also help stimulate their imagination. By hearing stories about far-off lands, magical creatures, and fantastical adventures, children can develop their creativity and imagination, which can have a positive impact on their overall cognitive development.

Improved Critical Thinking Skills: Reading books to children can also help develop their critical thinking skills. By hearing stories and being encouraged to think about the motivations of characters, the themes of the story, and the underlying messages, children can develop their ability to analyze and understand information.

Better Social Skills: Reading books to children can also help improve their social skills. By hearing stories about characters and their relationships, children can learn about empathy, compassion, and the importance of friendship.

In conclusion, reading to children with the Magicpolygon App is a simple and enjoyable way to boost their IQ and support their cognitive development. Not to mention an incredible way to connect with multiple generations of family members, even when people are separated by miles, state lines and entire oceans.

So download the MagicPolygon App today, add your family members, and watch as your little one’s mental capabilities blossom through the art of storytelling.

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